Simple Doc Organizer will allow you to Scan, Organize, Share and Search
Documents in a whole new way!

Simple Doc Organizer is available in single user/machine mode: Home Edition;
And multi user/machine mode: Enterprise Edition.


Multi-machine & Multiple Users Solution (*EE)

Share and collaborate with multiple users and computers your documents and files;

Users Administration (*EE)

Define the users you want to manage application and their restrictions and permissions;

Unlimited Archive Creation (*HE/EE)

Create unlimited multi/single-mask Type Archives; Multi-mask Archives allows multiple indexation meta-data masks in same Archive;

Documents Encryption (*HE/EE)

Create encrypted dossiers to encrypt most important documents in Archive;

Digital Sign Documents (*HE/EE)

Publish documents with your digital signature;

Public or Private Dossiers (*EE)

Create Public Dossiers, to share by all users of application, or Private, to share only by a restricted group of users;

Physical Indexation of Dossiers & Folders (*HE/EE)

Create a Physical Archive. Associate SDO Dossiers to physical cabinets, dossiers, boxes, etc...;

Explorer & Scanner Acquire

Acquire of documents using a professional or home Scanner or using the Windows Explorer;

PDF Publish

Publish Folders or Documents to most known and used format of documents, the PDF;

Tracking Logs (*EE)

Track application Logs, users actions and documents flow;

Integrated Documents Visualizer

Visualize Images, WEB Files, Text, Office and PDF files in application;

Notes Managing (*HE/EE)

Add, Edit or Delete Notes in Documents or Folders of Archive;

Version Control System

Create document Revisions or new Versions with keeping of original and tracking changes;

Workflow (*EE)

Create personalized documents Workflows to easily flow or state your documents;

Quickly and Advanced Search

Search your documents using the indexation meta-data (Classification) or by Content or Notes Keywords of any Office Document, Text, PDF, etc...;

Personalized Classification Masks (*HE/EE)

Create advanced and personalized indexation meta-data to classify documents using the concept of Masks.

*HE - Available in Home Edition; *EE - Available in Enterprise Edition;



Login form

Screenshot of authentication login in Simple Doc Organizer.


Displaying a PDF

Screenshot of SDO visualizing (internally) a PDF type document.


Listing Dossier Docs as Thumbnails

Screenshot of SDO showing documents of some dossier as thumbnails.


Displaying/Editing an Image

Screenshot of SDO visualizing and Editing a image document type.

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